Explained: Transition to an inclusive society

We engage with our corporate holding on the 3Es: Energy Transition, Environmental Sustainability and Equality and Inclusive Growth. The objectives are specific to each company based on its impact on the theme, its ESG score or analysis by external initiatives.

Within this framework, we establish an in-depth dialogue with companies encouraging them to:

Provide greater opportunities for women at all levels of the organisation.

Adopt more equitable and transparent remuneration policies to ensure that wealth is distributed more fairly across the value chain, where value is created.

In our corporate holdings, we support gender diversity within the boards through among alia our voting guidelines (at least 30% women in Europe, North America and South Africa with a long-term ambition of 40% by 2025). 

In 2022, we have donated more than 150 hours to projects aimed at promoting social inclusion (such as with JINC). Furthermore, we have donated more than 165K in projects concerning social inclusion in 2021-2022

We facilitate access to the tight NL housing market: Through the development of the proposition ‘Bieden met Zekerheid’, whereby BNP Paribas enables buyers on the Dutch market to make a safe bid on a house where the condition ‘subject to funding’ (voorbehoud financiering) has to be abandoned.

In the overheated market we help people buy a house in a financially responsible and sustainable way.