For those who move the world

Supporting our clients in their transformation and development worldwide

Change is the only constant. But as an organisation, are you following or are you embarking on a new direction? The challenges we face as a society in areas such as energy, raw materials and biodiversity offer opportunities to make a positive difference. By implementing technological innovations or by integrating circular or natural principles into business operations.

The companies that are at the forefront of transitions take risks, push boundaries and create space for structural solutions for a more sustainable world.

At BNP Paribas we are there for the frontrunners, “for those who move the world”. Not only to support them, but also to strengthen their ambition. We put our network, our expertise and financial solutions to work for companies at the forefront of the transition.

For example, discover how we collaborate with Picnic, the online supermarket, in the first fully automated distribution centre. Or with Naturalis Biodiversity Center on the development of financial instruments and measurement indicators that make it easier to include biodiversity in decision-making, risk management and investment decisions.

​Read more about these, and other inspiring companies, in the Netherlands and beyond, “who move the world” below. ​Together, we can reach further, push borders and create a greater impact.

Dutch frontrunners

International frontrunners

Check out here how we collaborate with partners and clients in our international network.