Sustainable Finance

Solutions supporting the transition to a net-zero economy

Solutions supporting the transition to a net-zero economy within safe planetary boundaries

BNP Paribas has developed a full range of expertise dedicated to the transition to net-zero as well as strategies to finance projects and companies that are building a low-carbon world.

We hold a strong conviction that our expertise, accrued through years of being at the forefront of sustainable finance, must directly support a more sustainable and inclusive economy, for generations to come. As the leading bank of the European Union and a world leader in sustainable finance, we have a clear mission in our company purpose:

‘We are at the service of our clients and the world we live in.’

Our sustainable expertise

Low Carbon Transition Advisory

BNP Paribas’ Low-Carbon Transition Group (LCTG) is a global team of 200 low carbon experts and environmental engineers dedicated to supporting and advising clients around the world in shifting their business model and operations toward net zero emissions. In addition to their sustainability and climate expertise, the team boasts holistic financial services knowledge that cuts across BNP Paribas’ product offering.

ESG Strategy Advisory

Suitable for: Corporates, Financial Institutions (FIs)
BNP Paribas can provide advice to enhance your sustainability strategy. We can support you with insights into key sector trends, upcoming regulation, investor expectations, thematic trends, guidance on ESG ratings, peer comparison and sector best practices.

ESG Research and Analytics

Markets 360, the research unit of BNP Paribas Global Markets, regularly publishes sustainability research. Markets 360 publications provide you with collaborative insights from our expert strategists, economists and desk analysts. Our analysis looks at key themes such as the carbon transition, SDG impact, ESG analysis, green bonds, and the circular economy.

Sustainable Finance Advisory

BNP Paribas’ award-wining sustainable finance team can provide sector-specific insights and advice on entering the sustainable debt and equity markets. The global team helps clients implement best-practice ESG frameworks that can be applied across banking products.

ESG Ratings Advisory

BNP Paribas offers access to a team of dedicated ESG ratings advisors with strong links to the responsible investment community and ESG ratings agencies. The team offers tailored advice on obtaining and improving an ESG rating and aligning with investor expectations.

Our sustainability solutions

Green, Social and Sustainability Loans

Suitable for: Corporates, Asset Managers and Asset Owners
BNP Paribas offers loans with preferential pricing to finance capital or operational expenses targeting positive environmental and/or social impact. The use of proceeds must be aligned with a recognized taxonomy and best-practice framework such as the Loan Market Association (LMA) Green and Social Loan Principles.

Green, Social and Sustainability Bonds

Suitable for: Corporates, Banks, Sovereign and Supranational Agencies (SSAs)
Green, social and sustainability bonds are debt securities whose proceeds are invested in projects with environmental and/or social benefits. BNP Paribas can support you throughout all stages of a bond issue. We can help you align with investor expectations and best practice frameworks such as the ICMA Green and Social Bond Principles.

Sustainability-linked Loans

Suitable for: Corporates, Asset Managers and Asset Owners
Flexible financing instruments that enable the acceleration of your sustainability strategy. Sustainability-linked Loans (SLLs) offer adjusted pricing (interest premium or discount) based on performance against agreed sustainability KPIs. SLL solutions can be used to meet your working capital requirements.

Sustainability-linked Bonds

Suitable for: Corporates, Banks, Sovereign and Supranational Agencies (SSAs)
Sustainability-linked bonds (SLBs) are debt securities for general corporate purposes (GCP) but for which the financial conditions of  the bond are dependent on ESG KPIs which will be reviewed one–off or periodically. BNP Paribas can support you throughout all stages of a bond issue. We can help you align with investor expectations and best practice frameworks such as the ICMA Sustainability-linked Bond Principles. Find out more here.

Sustainability-linked Factoring

Suitable for: Corporates
Sustainability-linked factoring allows for a pricing redetermination of the factoring facility based on performance against a set of sustainability performance targets.

Sustainable Supply Chain Finance

Suitable for: Corporates
The BNP Paribas sustainable supply chain finance programme enables corporates to incentivise direct suppliers to achieve sustainability performance improvements and alignment with supplier standards and codes of conduct. This unique solution can be linked to your own sustainability-related supply chain performance targets or to a third-party supplier assessment.

Sustainability-linked and Green Repo

Suitable for: Corporates
The proceeds of green repos are applied to finance or refinance, in part or in full, new or existing Green & Social Projects. Sustainability-linked repos, on the other hand, can change negatively (e.g. payment of penalties) or positively (e.g. margin adjustments) depending on the achievement of sustainability performance targets. Find out more here.

Sustainability-linked Payables

Suitable for: Corporates
In a payables programme, a buyer gives its suppliers the option to sell receivables (that are due from the buyer) to the bank at a competitive rate based on the buyer’s credit rating, which is typically better than that of the supplier. This provides suppliers the option to receive payment sooner than the original maturity date and often allows buyers to hold on to their working capital for longer. Sustainability performance targets can be included in the payables programme, incentivising the buyer (corporate) with longer payment terms if it consistently meets its own defined targets. If, at the next evaluation, the buyer does not meet its targets, payment terms will be reduced, impacting the buyer’s liquidity or working capital. Find out more here.

Sustainable software and hardware leasing solutions

Suitable for: Corporates, Financial Institutions (FI), sovereigns
BNP Paribas offers leasing solutions that can help you align with sustainability, carbon emissions reduction and circularity objectives. Assets that can be financed include work stations, smartphones, software, printing, data centres and specialised technology. Our solution integrates the principles of the circular economy leading to over 97% of returned equipment being re-used. The remainder, less than 3%, usually faulty or broken, is responsibly recycled through our ISO 14001 certified recycling partners. Find out more here.

360º Mobility

Suitable for: Corporates, Financial Institutions (FI), sovereigns
BNP Paribas is proud to offer tailored mobility advice covering a wide range of sustainable mobility options: bikes, scooters, ride sharing, etc. The solutions includes access to the Arval Mobility Hub, the Arval Mobility App, and dedicated advice via Arval Consulting.

ESG Money Market Funds

Suitable for: Corporates
BNP Paribas offers a range of Money Market Funds (MMF) integrating ESG characteristics categorized as Article 8 funds under the Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR). These MMFs are suitable solutions for corporates whose liquidity strategy targets sustainability objectives.

Real Estate Sustainability Advisory and Management Solutions

BNP Paribas offers advice on property sustainability improvements, including energy efficiency, ESG strategy with tenants and users. Out solutions include reporting and analytics on the real estate portfolio and transaction level. This include climate analytics based on the CREMM (Carbon Risk Real Estate Monitor CRREM) methodology. CRREM is the leading global standard and initiative for operational decarbonization of real estate assets. It is supported and used by GRESB, formerly known as the Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark.

Not sure which solution meets your needs? Get in touch for tailored advice covering these and other sustainability solutions.

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