Global Markets

Shape hedging solutions for inflation, credit, commodities and equity derivatives on specific asset classes.

BNP Paribas has presence across most financial centres in Europe. Thanks to our strong local representation and long-standing relationships with governments and regulators we can offer unparalleled access to European, Middle Eastern and African markets.



Any corporate that operates internationally needs to manage exposure to risk. At BNP Paribas, our global markets team provides customized hedging solutions so that our corporate clients can mitigate risk and enhance the predictability of their cash flow.

Our teams operate with over 30 years of expertise and with a global coverage to shape hedging solutions for inflation, credit, commodities and equity derivatives on specific asset classes. Get in touch directly with our team in The Netherlands and explore our global offering below.

Thanks to our cross-asset Institutional offering, we are able to provide rates financial products and fixed income solutions across financing, market access, yield enhancement and hedging, while giving unparalleled access to market liquidity to our real money clients, like pension funds, asset managers, insurance companies, banks and official institutions in the Netherlands.

Our team in Amsterdam focuses on our client needs in investments and hedging, we cater for a broad spectrum of needs in rates, inflation, credit, sustainability and private debt, from products to partnerships. As a European leader with global reach we have local presence with global access. Get in touch directly with our team in The Netherlands and explore our global offering below.

What we offer

Primary & Credit Markets

Our combined Primary and Credit business enables us to realise synergies while maintaining strict boundaries between the public and private sides. We provide solutions to clients throughout the entire credit continuum from origination through execution to secondary market trading and post trade services.

  • 1st in bond issuance EMEA
  • 1st global sustainable bonds ranking
  • 2nd iTraxx trading volume ranking

Forex & Local Markets

Our Forex & Local Markets business has been designed to respond to the complex and constantly evolving market. Discover our truly global network which boasts diverse market access capabilities and both onshore and offshore solutions.

  • 72 markets in which BNP Paribas has a physical presence
  • Solutions 3X award-winning solutions house
  • Digital cutting-edge award-winning electronic trading

Cortex FX

Cortex FX is our advanced multi-product FX trading platform. Whether you want to develop innovative trading strategies, execute trades or monitor and evaluate your trading activity, Cortex FX offers a fully-integrated trading environment that is simple to use, giving you the freedom to concentrate on taking advantage of every trading opportunity.

Commodity Derivatives

With over 30 years of expertise in the commodities market and a global footprint, we are one of the few banks in the world with a long term commitment to the growth of our commodity derivatives franchise. We bring innovative and ground breaking solutions to corporate clients worldwide.

  • 30+ years of expertise in the commodities market
  • Market access across energy, metals, and agricultural markets
  • Award-winning electronic trading platform

Equity Derivatives

BNP Paribas has around 30 years of consistent experience in the equity derivatives market, and we are well-known for our capabilities in providing a comprehensive product range of diverse solutions across both flow and structured products. We are focused on designing new strategies and innovative solutions to meet all our clients’ demands.

  • 10,000 equity underlyings covered worldwide
  • 1,000 single equities and indices
  • 20% of front office staff dedicated to designing and pricing products

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CIB Global Markets the Netherlands

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GlobalCapital Bond Awards
Euromoney Awards: Best Bank for Markets
derivatives house of the year
Risk Awards: Derivatives house of the year
Euromoney Awards: Best Bank for Corporates

20000 corporate & institutional clients

53 countries

38000 CIB employees

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Our global offering

To find out more about our international products and services take a look at our global website. And if you want to know more about our local offerings, feel free to give us a call.