Arval launches 1EV=1Tree project

June 2, 2021

by Marco Vrolijk, Online Content & PR Specialist at Arval BNP Paribas Group

Arval, a global leader in full-service vehicle leasing and sustainable mobility solutions, has launched its 1Ev=1Tree project. One tree will be planted for each electrified vehicle leased by Arval in the same country where the vehicle is delivered. The objective is to encourage sustainability in the mobility sector. By the end of 2025, Arval’s ambition is to have funded more than 500,000 trees.

Growing concerns about climate change have put sustainability at the heart of CSR strategies all around the world. The climate emergency continues to be of great importance each year, and Arval, as a market leader, is in the right position to drive positive change towards sustainable mobility and actively participate in tackling climate changes. Arval’s main 2025 CSR ambitions are embedded in its strategic plan Arval Beyond: 500,000 electrified vehicles in its fleet (representing 25% of its global fleet), 30% reduction in CO2 emissions vs. 2020, and remaining a carbon-neutral company.

That is why Arval will be initiating an international tree-planting project in all of its countries. The project will consist in planting one tree for each electrified vehicle leased (electric and hybrid). The location of the tree planted will be the same as that of the country where the electrified vehicle is delivered to engage local employees and customers. The project is an excellent opportunity to take action to protect the forests, to commit to the preservation of biodiversity and combat deforestation, while promoting the adoption of electrified vehicles.

The project will be launched in the eight Arval countries with the biggest volume of electrified vehicles delivered in 2021. These countries include Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Spain and the United Kingdom. By the end of 2021, it is expected that more than 70,000 trees will be planted. Following its implementation in the G8 countries, the project will then be expanded to the rest of the Arval countries by 2022.

By the end of 2025, Arval will have funded more than 500,000 trees.

By launching this project, Arval will be able to support reforestation projects and do good for the surrounding environment. Notably, Arval will be able to measure the environmental and social benefits of each reforestation project. The total benefits measured are:

  • 75,000 tons of CO2 stored
  • 1,500,000 of animal shelters created
  • 2,000,000 months of oxygen generated
  • 500,000 hours of work created

“With the “1 Electrified Vehicle = 1 Tree” project, we have embedded corporate social responsibility at the very core of our business, counting on each employee and customer to embark on a sustainable journey towards adopting electrified vehicles”, says Alain Van Groenendael, Arval Chairman & CEO.

More on the project

Arval is helping to restore forests with Reforest’Action, which is in charge of overseeing and planting the trees in the Arval countries that are part of this project.

Reforest’Action, the forest specialist, is a B Corp-certified company dedicated to preserving, restoring and creating forests in France and around the world, in response to the climate emergency and loss of biodiversity. To do this, Reforest’Action selects forestry projects and supports them financially, guaranteeing their quality to develop their environmental, social and economic multifunctionality in the long term. Reforest’Action’s mission is made possible thanks to crowdfunding by individuals and businesses. Since its creation in 2010, Reforest’Action has planted and protected more than 10 million trees in 25 countries, raised awareness of the importance of forests among 20 million people, and created a positive impact on the living conditions of more than 150,000 people around the world. For more information, please see: Reforest’Action | I plant my forest (

* Electric or hybrid


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