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April 5, 2012 -

BNP Paribas launches a new range of innovative investment products for individual stock investors

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Investor can choose own level of risk and return and book gains in sideway moving markets

BNP Paribas introduces an innovative investment product for retail investors that is tradeable on
NSYE Euronext Amsterdam. The new product, Rendement Certificaten, is a direct alternative to an
investment in stock because it can offer an attractive fixed return, even if the value of the
underlying stock would move sideways or decline slightly on the medium-term. It also allows
investors to customise their own risk/return profile. It is to be expected that Rendement
Certificaten will have the same impact on the market as the introduction of well known range of
products such as turbo’s, speeders and sprinters. BNP Paribas is closely cooperating in the
introduction of Rendement Certificaten with leading brokers Alex and Binck. As market conditions will evolve, BNP Paribas will adapt its range of products to best suit market trends.

Nico Langedijk, Head of Distribution The Netherlands, BNP Paribas: “With Rendement Certificaten,
we aim at retail stock investors who are seeking transparent and listed products that can offer on
the medium-term an excellent return even when markets are moving side ways or turn slightly
downwards”. In the past years, Rendement Certificaten have been picked up by investors in other
European countries and have become a separate asset class for retail investors. BNP Paribas aims
to duplicate the success it has had in the German market with this investment product.

The price of a Rendement Certificaat at issuance is the same as the price of the share it is issued
on. However with a Rendement Certificaat an investor has a possibility of a fixed return of 20, 25
or 30%, as long as the share does not reach a certain low level (Rendementgrens). When the
Rendementgrens is reached at least once during the life of the product, the Rendement Certificaat
will pay out the share price at the end of product life capped to the fixed return. In that case, the
investor is only losing dividend compared to a direct investment in the underlying stock.

Sander den Hartog (Senior Retail Business Manager at BinckBank): “A TNS NIPO research amongst
our investors showed that Rendement Certificaten are seen as an attractive product in current
challenging market conditions, especially within a group of stock investors.”

The new Rendement Certificaten offer stands to benefit from BNP Paribas’ historical know-how
and leader position in Exchange-Traded Products across Europe: over 80,000 exchange traded
products are now available on a daily basis on retail markets, with over 15,000 trades made a day
on over 200,000,000 quotes. BNP Paribas contributes to 8 markets in real-time (France, Germany,
Spain, Italy, Hong Kong, Singapore, Sweden and the Netherlands).

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