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March 30, 2012 -

A quarter of applicants lies about a gap in their CV

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Almost 40 percent of the Dutch working population have a gap in their CV’s of three months or morere

Oosterhout, 26 March 2012 – More than a quarter (27%) of Dutch citizens with a gap in their CV of three months or more do not state the actual reason for the period of unemployment. This was the outcome of a survey of 1000 respondents conducted by BNP Paribas Cardif. What is striking is that only ten percent of individuals without a gap in their CV stated that they would hide the truth if they were in such a position.

Almost forty percent of respondents stated that they had a gap in their CV of three months or more. Unemployment is the reason in 45 percent of cases, whilst thirty percent stayed at home due to illness. Women are relatively more likely to stay at home between two jobs than men: men accounted for 42 percent of the aforementioned forty percent whilst women accounted for 58 percent.

But what do applicants actually tell their potential new employer? Seventy-nine percent of Dutch people with a gap in their CV extend the period of employment with their last employer so that the gap is not conspicuous. The other 21 percent stated that they invent a course, training programme or holiday.

Marieke van Zuien, Director of Customer & Corporate at BNP Paribas Cardif: “Staying at home for an extended period between jobs with two employers is certainly nothing to be ashamed of in these times, in fact, a rest period can even be effective in helping you recharge your batteries. However, be honest at a job interview, explain in a professional manner what happened and omit emotional aspects as much as possible, so that no one can come to the wrong conclusions about you.”

BNP Paribas Cardif assists policyholders via the service concept Cardif Cares in acquiring a new job and collaborates with its partner Mensor as part of this. The BNP Paribas Cardif website offers useful tips and information in relation to dismissal, unemployment and how to deal with a gap in your CV. You can find out, for example, about easy ways to link your experience to your prospective employer.

The survey was carried out in March 2012 by Survey Sampling International and commissioned by BNP Paribas Cardif. More than one thousand respondents were surveyed.

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