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February 15, 2013 -

Research BNP Paribas Cardif: Money is more important than love

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Health and happiness are more important than having a love affair

The Dutch find financial security more important than having a relationship. This is evident from recent research by insurance company BNP Paribas Cardif.

In the study, 1,024 Dutch were asked about the importance of various elements in life. Health (95%) and happiness (93%) top the list. That is unchanged compared to the same measurement in 2008. In third place is financial security (89%).

Dutch find financial security even more important than elements such as family and having a love affair. Family is meaningful for 87 percent of the population, while in 2008, this was 89 percent. Having a love affair continues to remain important for Dutch: 81 percent compared to 80 percent five years ago. However, a relationship is less essential than the ability to maintain the current standard of living: 85 percent.

The top 10 most important elements:
1. Health (95%)
2. Happiness (93%)
3. Financial security (89%)
4. Independence (88%)
5. Family (87%)
6. The ability to maintain the current standard of living (85%)
7. Having a relationship (81%)
8. Having a job/work (77%)
9. Level of income (76%)
10. Having the ideal job (71%)

Now that everyone feels the financial crisis and people fear for their jobs, financial security is very important. We thought the Dutchman with the current economic climate would change his priorities, but that turns out not to be “, clarified Marieke van Zuien, Director of Customer & Corporate BNP Paribas Cardif. “It seems that Dutch first wants to take good care for themselves, before they start a relationship.

The research was conducted in February 2013 by BNP Paribas Cardif in collaboration with Survey Sampling International. In total, 1024 Dutch were questioned about their financial freedom.