Join the webinar with Patrick Davidson – 20 March

Managing your career = Managing your energy
with Patrick Davidson

When: 20 March from 14hrs to 15hrs CET

If what you’re doing gives you energy, it gives you joy and purpose. At work, in your career, in life. That’s the simple truth that Patrick Davidson asks us to embrace at the start of this session.

You and your job will be the launchpad. Patrick will help you experience your work as a source of energy. Combining insights and interactivity, he’ll teach you how to manage that energy like an athlete and make it work for you in the short and long term as you shape your career. He’ll push you to stretch your mind – and your mindset – along the way.

He will help you see that in the BNP Paribas workplace, the most fulfilling and successful growth is the kind that’s achieved not on your own but through teamwork. And he will give you the tools to achieve that kind of collaborative growth.

That’s music to our One Bank ears – and hopefully music to yours as well.

Join us for an invigorating, career-boosting experience!

Webinar number: 2372 460 4631

Webinar password: dzQmPUTJ433
(39767885 from phones and video systems)