Is it a bird?

You can probably recognise the swallow in the BNP Paribas logo. That is what the stars – a reminder of our origins in the European Union – change into as they ‘take flight’. Whether alone or in a group, a swallow symbolises agility, collaboration, freedom of movement and the ability to adapt.

A true cosmopolitan, the swallow can be found nearly everywhere in the world. The birds migrate to warmer places for the winter, and their return in the early part of the year marks the beginning of spring. And if a swallow builds a nest on your house, it is said to bring good luck. 

The reason we use the swallow in our brand identity is that it symbolises the dynamics of BNP Paribas in the Netherlands: swift and agile when acting alone and smart and efficient when working with others. Swallows are part of the Netherlands and are welcome guests. They have family all around the world – just like us.

Let’s discover our global presence!