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BNP Paribas Rendement Certificaten
A positive return, even in sideways or slightly downwards markets

A new investment product has been launched in the Netherlands: the BNP Paribas Rendement Certificaat. It is a product that offers interesting perspectives, especially in today’s markets.

What are Rendement Certificaten?

A Rendement Certificaat is a listed product, issued by BNP Paribas. The great thing about these products is that they will generate return in upwards markets, as well as in stagnant or downwards moving markets. A Rendement Certificaat can offer 20 to 30% return in the current market situation.

The Certificaat offers a fixed return if the price of the underlying stays above a predetermined barrier, called the rendementgrens, until maturity. If the price of the stock does breaches the barrier, investors will receive the closing price of the stock at maturity. In that case, the investor will have given up his dividend

The Rendement Certificaten are available on all shares of the AEX. They have a maturity of 1 year. Several Certificaten with different barriers will be available on each share. This allows you to choose the Certificaat that matches your expectations best.

You can find more information on Rendement Certificaten here. (Only in Dutch)

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