BNP Paribas Netherlands Client Services Portal

BNP Paribas Netherlands offers the service of providing a Standard Bank Confirmation. The Standard Bank Confirmation is used by auditors to verify financial statements of companies. The content of the Standard Bank Confirmation is aligned with the requirements of the Royal Netherlands Institute of Chartered Accountants (NBA).

How to apply for a Standard Bank Confirmation?

Before going into the application procedure as described below, please check with your auditor the possibility to upload your request via the portal.

In case the use of this portal is not supported by your auditor, please follow these steps to apply for a Standard Bank Confirmation:

Complete the following request template, separately for each legal entity:

Standard Bank Confirmation form

The application has to be fully completed, duly signed and e-mailed to:

Standard Bank Confirmation with a closing date in the future, will be sent to the requesting company and their auditor within 4 weeks after the specified reference date. All other requests will be handled within 4 weeks after receipt of the completed and duly signed application.

For further information or inquiries, please contact:



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