BNP Paribas Netherlands Client Services Portal

BNP Paribas Netherlands offers their clients the service of providing a Letter of Good Standing. This is provided by means of a standardised document created by the Legal Department of BNP Paribas Netherlands. An instance of when a Letter of Good Standing could be requested is when there is a tender for a project.

The standard charge for such a letter is 75 EUR.

To request a Letter of Good Standing, please send an email to:

In order for BNP Paribas to issue a Letter of Good Standing the following information is required:

  • Entity name on behalf of which the letter is issued;
  • Purpose for which the letter is issued (e.g. description of the project);
  • Name of the addressee;
  • Address to send the letter to;
  • Full name and telephone number of the contact person at the addressee (for registered mail)

BNP Paribas Netherlands issues these letters within 5 working days after receiving all of the above information.

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