BNP Paribas Netherlands Client Services Portal

BNP Paribas Netherlands offers an online banking tool known by the name Connexis and is also able to support multiple online solutions for processing payment traffic fully STP (Straight Through Processing). For secure and (cost-) efficient processing, we highly recommend the use of these online tools.

In exceptional cases (e.g. whilst an account is being set up, or when the electronic banking system cannot be accessed). BNP Paribas Netherlands offers the possibility to process manual payment instructions.

For security purposes and to minimize risk, a procedure has been put in place for the set up and processing of these payments. In order to make the processing of manual payment instructions possible, or for the setup of Online Banking, please contact Relationship Management.

Cut-Off Time

The Cut-Off Time for instructing manual payment instructions is 2 pm CET on working days.

Manual payment instructions that are received after 2 pm CET are treated on a best effort basis until 16.00 pm CET, otherwise they are considered null and void and will not be processed.


The charges for a manual payment instruction are EUR 90 per payment.

Click on the link below to find a template that can be used to instruct a manual payment instruction:


After finalizing the setup of the manual payment processing option, manual payment instructions can be submitted. These instructions have to be fully completed, duly signed and e-mailed to in order to be processed.


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