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Connexis Cash is BNP Paribas’ global E-banking solution, addressing both global and local Cash Management needs. It provides complete visibility and control over accounts worldwide and a full range of domestic and international cash services. Connexis Cash grants access to BNP Paribas accounts and to third-party banks information.

Access to reporting is on real-time basis and transactions are processed STP (Straight Through Processing). Benefit from the high security infrastructure of BNP Paribas (Password generator for authentication and validation of payments, data encryption and segregation of user access rights).
Connexis Cash is designed to handle large volumes of data, and our tailored solutions are fully integrated with Treasury systems.

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For more information on Connexis set ups, please contact Relationship Management.

Existing Connexis users


If you have access to Centric, please login via the Centric website.

If not, please login via the dedicated Connexis portal.


For Connexis users to learn how to perform basic tasks in Connexis, please find below links to so-called Tutorials.

These will guide the user step-by-step through the most commonly used features of the Connexis modules.

You have to be logged onto Connexis via the Connexis portal to be able to open these links

Administration (Connexis Essentials only)
Cash Overview
File Export
File Import


For day-to-day support, existing Connexis users can contact:

  • BNP Paribas