BNP Paribas Netherlands Careers

A recruitment policy that promotes equity and diversity

Equity and diversity are at the core of our recruitment policy because we believe that they foster creativity and efficiency which in turn increase performance and productivity.

We pride ourselves in applying non-discrimination rules to all our recruitment activities:

  • Our job postings make no mention of gender, age, nationality or any other criteria of a discriminatory nature
  • Our recruitment criteria are based exclusively on the competence and qualifications of the candidate, therefore ensure that no applicant is refused a job for motives other than competence
  • We guarantee salary parity between men and women when hiring for the same position and equivalent levels of experience and training
  • We guarantee recognition of academic training, university education, as well as diplomas earned in other countries

Our Dutch offices are easily accessible by public transportation and are adapted to welcome people with reduced mobility. If an individual requires specific accommodations to fully perform their duties, we will take all reasonable measures necessary to accommodate them.