Join the webinar with Sonja van Eeghen – 2 April

Power your Pitch
with Sonja van Eeghen

When: 2 April from 10hrs to 11hrs CET

You’ve got a sense of where you want to go with your career – a good idea about your goals and ambitions – and you’ve got an opportunity to talk to someone in the organization who can really make a difference on your journey.

How do you make the most of that moment? How can you send a message about yourself that’s clear? How can you make an impression that resonates and sticks?

These questions are at the heart of Power your Pitch, an interactive session in which your guide, Sonja van Eeghen, lets you experience the impact of a strong personal pitch has and helps you understand the psychology behind the methods that work.

Through presentation and practice, you’ll learn how to make those moments of contact with direct colleagues and others within the wider world BNP Paribas work for you as chart your career course and act on your goals.

You will leave the keynote with insights and self-presentation skills that will be invaluable in your career development and mobility and useful in all your relationships within and beyond the workplace.

Join the session!

Webinar number: 2365 708 0809

Webinar password: A6MePfpBZ23
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