41% of young employees open to car sharing

September 20, 2016

Over 40% of the younger generation of employees are open to car sharing concepts, according to the annual European Barometer of Corporate Vehicle Observatory (CVO). A quarter of  Dutch employers think the numbers of cars in their fleet will increase. However most employees still do not  wish to give up their own leased vehicle for an alternative form of mobility: only 8% indicates that they would be happy to do this.

Arjos Bot, business consultant at leasing company Arval Netherlands: “We see our fleet is progressively getting ‘greener’. Nowadays, many drivers who already lease for years, choose a fuel-efficient vehicle and are more aware of their impact to the ‘green’ issue. The choice of an alternative mobility form is not directly top of their mind, because in a way, they already contribute to a better environment. But we do notice that the younger generation within our clients  are more concerned with alternative forms of mobility. This trend is also clearly seen in the European ‘CVO Barometer’. We are ready to support this  by offering a wide range of mobility options. Besides the usual lease vehicle, clients can also choose our Arval Car Sharing product or various mobility options via Arval Mobility Link.” The European ‘CVO Barometer’ also shows that half of Dutch employers show interest in more digital communications offered by leasing companies: 47% see opportunities in a reporting app for driving, and 51% think mobile apps are useful for drivers when it saves them time in contact with the leasing company. Onboard telematics is also more popular in The Netherlands than in the rest of Europe, with 42% of the Dutch employers indicating that this should be integrated in the fleet, compared to 33% in the rest of Europe.

The complete European ‘CVO Barometer’ can be downloaded from www.cvonederland.nl.