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June 29, 2015 - ,

Research: Pop music, most popular among the Dutch

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Dutch music preferences identified

Amsterdam, 29 June 2015 – Pop music is the most popular music style in the Netherlands. This results from the yearly BNP Paribas Music Monitor that surveyed 500 Dutch participants between the ages of 25 and 55. The bank is one of the main sponsors of the North Sea Jazz Festival. 42% of the Dutch prefer listening to pop music. One out of five chooses rock as their favorite music genre. Jazz is the favorite music style for 6% of the Dutch.

What catches the eye is that jazz scores relatively low as a popular music style. This is surprising, because jazz is eminently a genre that merges many different styles.

Women choose pop, men choose rock

A closer look shows that pop owes its’ first place to women. More than half (51%) of women chose pop, while only one third (33%) of men preferred pop. Men on the other hand, are charmed by rock, 28% versus 12% of women. Preferences for jazz are more evenly spread out among men and women.

Streaming, CD or vinyl LP?

Music preference also predicts buying behavior. Listening to music through a streaming service scores 44% among all music styles. More differences are visible when it comes to purchasing CD’s or LP’s. LP’s are far from becoming history. Among jazz and classical music fans vinyl is still purchased the most. 9% of jazz fans and 8% of classical music fans have bought vinyl in the past year, compared to only 3% of pop fans and 3% of dance and house fans. CDs are also still popular. One third of the pop and rock fans bought a CD this past year. Among jazz fans this percentage is even higher (44%).

Top 5 favorite music styles

  1. Pop (42%)
  2. Rock (20%)
  3. Classical music and Dance/House (both 9%)
  4. World music and Hip Hop/Soul (Both 7%)
  5. Jazz (6%)