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June 24, 2014 -

Arval enters a new era

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Arval today celebrates its 25th anniversary. Present in 25 countries and targeting all types of companies, the group has revealed a new baseline that expresses its personality and ambition. For the past two years, Arval has been implementing a strategic programme that will transform the company and bring a whole new dimension to customer and driver relationships. At the occasion of its anniversary, Arval is expanding and standardising its services worldwide: leasing periods are becoming more extended, and the offer has been revised to simplify fleet management and make life easier for the drivers.

“Arval. We care about cars. We care about you.” 

25 years ago, Arval started doing business in France with 6 employees and not a single car leased. Today, with the support of 4,500 employees and recognised for its capacity to innovate, the group is present in 25 countries and leases nearly 700,000 vehicles to its customers, from the largest multi-national company to self-employed professionals. To mark its anniversary, the road that Arval has come since it was founded is celebrated with the creation of a new brand baseline, which expresses Arval’s fundamental principles in a few words: cars as its core business, commitment to serve the customer and the driver, expert advice, being close to the customer, and service quality.

To meet the new demands of companies, related to the increasingly complex job of fleet manager (regulations, taxes, numerous technical developments in automobile products and the diversification of engine types), Arval now offers a catalogue of uniformly structured products and services that are available in the form of packages, with the option to add more services, or à la carte. These packages make it easier for customer to choose, allow them to save costs, simplify the steering tools available to fleet managers, and make life easier for the drivers. Each Arval subsidiary will devise its own packages according to the local needs and uses of companies.

Arval breaks down categories and introduces medium-term leasing to cover all the needs companies may have

Having launched its very-long-term lease offer – 60-month contracts – in March 2014, Arval is now deploying a medium-term lease offer in France, the UK, Spain and the Netherlands. Called Arval Mid-Term Rental, this new offer is in line with companies’ need for more flexibility (peak periods, seasonal business, trial periods…). With Arval Mid-Term Rental, they can lease vehicles for a period of 1 to 24 months, available the very next day following an order. Arval Mid-Term Rental is the only medium-term lease offer that has been structured and developed on a European scale. Arval thus becomes the only corporate car-leasing company that covers all leasing periods, from one day to 60 months. Arval Mid-Term Rental will subsequently be rolled out in the other countries of the group.

Arval lets customers benefit from its organisational skills and management tools with Arval Driver Solutions

Corporate fleet managers nowadays have to deal with complex and strategic topics, such as regulations and taxes. They are also faced with the challenge of technological developments in vehicles, a variety in engine types, and more in general, supervising the TCO* of their fleets and the service quality delivered to drivers. To help fleet managers cope with these new challenges, Arval Driver Solutions is now available in Arval’s main markets. With Arval Driver Solutions, Arval takes care of the operational relationship with drivers and offers fleet managers structured solutions to alleviate their administrative tasks and support them in the strategic management of their fleet. Arval Driver Solutions is based on three pillars: expert advice from Arval to diagnose needs and propose an implementation plan, a specific service-level agreement based on key indicators, and a contractual reversibility agreement that can be activated simply at the customer’s request.

A telematics project for a closer relationship with drivers

Following on from the Arval Smart Experience launched in France in 2013, which offers interactive multimedia tools and which is currently being deployed in all group countries, telematics has become a strategic topic for Arval over the past years. Not only is it an important lever to optimise fleet management both in terms of TCO* and from an environmental perspective, it is also a way to get drivers directly involved and influence their driving behaviour. That is why Arval has been investing in several of its international entities in recent years, using them as “laboratories” to test and implement different solutions based on telematics. The Italian example has for instance helped France with an offer that is currently preparing and that will be presented at the end of 2014.

Arval is speeding up its investments in telematics and will start rolling out a uniform offer in all of its subsidiaries, with a strong emphasis on data privacy.