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Our Economic Research team provides economic analysis to the group as a whole and its clients and is renowned for the quality of its research. The team is very international with experienced economists located in the three time zones. The team is headed by our Chief Economist, William de Vijlder.

Below you’ll find the links to the various publications of our Economic Research team. If you’re interested in publications specifically about globalization, then you’ll find a selection of the best articles here.

If you’d like to learn more of the work of our Economic Research team, or you’d like to subscribe to any of their publications, please have a look at their website, where all their publications, including web TV, are publicly available.



Quarterly publication with analyses and forecasts for the main countries, emerging and developed

Eco Emerging

Quarterly publication with analyses and forecasts for a selection of emerging economies.


Structural or in the news flow, two issues analysed in-depth.


Weekly publication on economic news and much more

Eco TV

In this monthly webTV, our economists make sense of economic news.

Eco TV Week

What’s the main event of the week? The answer is in your two minutes of economy.

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