The National Economists Debate
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The National Economists Debate

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BNP Paribas is “The Bank for a changing world” and strives to anticipate transformation together with its clients in order to turn them into opportunities. The Group is active worldwide with over 189,000 employees in 75 countries. We are a leading bank in the Eurozone and have a presence in 75 countries, with more than 146,000 in Europe.

In order to anticipate transformation, it’s important to have a clear view on the changes at hand. A debate is a good way to give the different views on a theme a platform. Therefore we partnered up with Het Financieele Dagblad for the organization of the National Debate for Economists. During the debate on 2 November, renowned economists cross swords on the central question how we can compete successfully in a globalized world and continue playing an important role internationally. And What does such a competitive position mean for society?

More information about the National Debate for Economists .

Our Economic Research team regularly issues publications related to the event theme globalisation. Would you like to read more about this? You’ll find a selection of our best publications here. You’ll find other economic publications, among which webTV, by the team here.

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